Surging Seas Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central


Video Resources for Broadcasters

Published 3/5/12

As part of the launch of Surging Seas, we’ve created a broadcast-quality video and are making available the raw B-ROLL and SOT elements for any station that would like to re-edit the package. The video and interviews supplied are ALL ACCESS and have NO RESTRICTIONS. RAW VIDEO SPECS: QuickTime .mov h.264 codec 1280 X 720p resolution Watch the edited video here or above Right-Click here to download raw SOTS (610MB) Right-Click here to download raw B-ROLL (455MB) Right-Click here to download raw interview subject setup B-ROLL (133MB) Broadcast Script  (For questions regarding rights to use any still photography,… More »

Florida Counties Unite To Prepare for Climate Change

Published 1/12/12

By Michael D. Lemonick If you worry about the looming risk posed by climate change, it’s easy to start feeling hopeless. Last month, the UN’s COP-17 climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, ended with little more than a commitment to keep working toward a new agreement to limit emissions, which might or might not eventually be ratified. In the U.S., at the national level, many politicians won’t even talk about climate change. Many of those who do it claim they’re not convinced — even though the vast majority of climate scientists… More »