Surging Seas Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

Maps & Tools

Coastal Risk Screening Tool: Map By Year

The year map allows users to explore coastal flood risk and sea level rise projections by decadal year for anywhere in the world, and under multiple pollution scenarios. The map allows users to choose between the leading sea level rise models and incorporate the most accurate elevation data available.

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Coastal Risk Screening Tool: Map By Water Level

The water level map allows users to explore what land is at risk from specific water levels (decimal feet, meters) that could be reached through combinations of sea level rise, tides, and storm surge.

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Coastal Risk Screening Tool: Map By Elevation Data

Using its new elevation data model (CoastalDEM®) Climate Central found far greater global threats from sea level rise and coastal flooding than previously thought, and greater benefits from reducing their causes. This interactive map highlights the importance of accurate elevation data for assessing coastal flood risks, but the water level and year map are better suited for actually assessing those risks. 

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Risk Finder

Climate Central's Surging Seas Risk Finder is designed to provide citizens, communities and policy makers in the U.S. with the tailored local information they need to understand and respond to the risks of sea level rise and coastal flooding in their own neighborhoods.

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Risk Zone Map

This global interactive map — searchable by city or postal code — shows areas vulnerable to permanent submergence from sea level rise, or to flooding from sea level rise, storm surge, tides, and tsunamis, in different combinations.

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