Surging Seas Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

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Global maps for multiple scenarios and elevation datasets

Climate Central used its new elevation data to produce interactive maps, enabling neighborhood-level exploration of threatened areas around the world. Its improved elevation data indicate far greater global threats from sea level rise and coastal flooding than previously thought, and greater benefits from reducing their causes. This map is applicable for areas outside the United States. For U.S. maps and analyses visit Risk Finder and Risk Zone Map.

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Risk Finder

Climate Central's Surging Seas Risk Finder is designed to provide citizens, communities and policy makers in the U.S. with the tailored local information they need to understand and respond to the risks of sea level rise and coastal flooding in their own neighborhoods.

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Risk Zone Map

This global interactive map — searchable by city or postal code — shows areas vulnerable to permanent submergence from sea level rise, or to flooding from sea level rise, storm surge, tides, and tsunamis, in different combinations.

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Mapping Choices

Mapping Choices is an interactive global map that allows anyone to type in a coastal city or postal code, and visually compare the potential long-term consequences of different emissions and warming scenarios.

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Seeing Choices

Seeing Choices presents an animated, global interactive map that reveals the effect of rising global temperatures on coastal cities. Search for any coastal city to see local locked-in sea level rise as climate heats up.

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