Surging Seas Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central

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Mapping Choices

Mapping Choices is an interactive global map that allows anyone to type in a coastal city or postal code, and visually compare the potential long-term consequences of different emissions and warming scenarios.

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Seeing Choices

Seeing Choices presents an animated, global interactive map that reveals the effect of rising global temperatures on coastal cities. Search for any coastal city to see local locked-in sea level rise as climate heats up.

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Ocean at the Door

Climate Central’s and Zillow’s Surging Seas: Ocean at the Door map shows areas, homes, and home value at risk of annual flooding or worse as sea levels rise, projected for the year 2050, assuming unchecked pollution and early instability of Antarctica. See the full report here.

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Surging Seas Stakes Rising: Year 2100

This map shows local projected sea levels for the year 2100 under different carbon pollution scenarios, and is based on peer-reviewed research that incorporates potential impacts of Antarctic ice dynamics on sea levels.

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Surging Seas Extreme Scenario 2100

This map shows projected U.S. sea levels for the year 2100 under the “extreme” sea level rise scenario published in NOAA Technical Report NOS CO-OPS 083 (January 2017), which corresponds to rapid ice loss in West Antarctica this century. Search for any coastal location in the U.S. to see the extreme scenario projections.

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