Surging Seas Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central


Ben Strauss, Ph.D.
Vice President for Sea Level
and Climate Impacts
Tim Grandia
Director of the Program
on Sea Level Rise
Dan Rizza
Strategic Relations Liaison

Scott Kulp, Ph.D.
Computational Scientist and
Senior Developer

Dan Dodson

Claudia Tebaldi
Science Fellow, Climate Statistics

Vice President of Sea Level and Climate Impacts: Ben Strauss
Program DirectorTim Grandia
Research (Climate Central): Ben StraussClaudia TebaldiScott Kulp, Dan Rizza
Research (Collaborators): Anders Levermann (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research), Robert Kopp (Rutgers), Chris Zervas (NOAA), Jeremy Weiss & Jonathan Overpeck (University of Arizona) and Susan Cutter & Christopher Emrich (University of South Carolina) 
Data and Graphics WizardryScott KulpDan Dodson
Web ProductionLindsay Harmon, Abbey Dufoe
Writing and EditingBen StraussMichael LemonickRichard WilesDan Rizza
AdvisorsRichard WilesHeidi CullenGeoff GrantShari Bell
Map Design: Stamen, Inc.
Risk Finder Development: Bocoup and Climate Central